Andrea Lombardo

Andrea began her career as the front desk administrator in late 2016. With a detail-oriented mindset, Andrea is dedicated to ensuring every client has a positive experience with the Woolcott Team from the very beginning of their relationship. In her time with the Woolcott Team, Andrea has developed a love for real estate and has recently begun the process to become a licensed realtor to expand her knowledge in the trade. In her spare time, Andrea works part time for CHCH at local events, enjoys spending time with her friends and playing with her dog Bella.

Woolcott Testimonials

...We Were Really Thankful That We Had Sheryl Working With Us...

"Testimonial from the Deegan Family"

- The Deegan Family, Burlington, ON

...We Were Able To Sell Hours After Hitting The Market For Over Asking Price...

"We want to thank Don & Lisa Cox and everyone at the Woolcott team for helping us find our perfect house! It came at a crazy time of life, being 9 months pregnant, and Don and Lisa helped make things happen so smoothly! Lisa gave us great advise to help us quickly get our house listed. We were able to sell hours after hitting the market for over asking price! The best part was being able to bring our new baby girl home from the hospital to a TOO LATE sign on the front lawn! Thank you!!!"

- The Hartman's, Flamborough, OH

..."It Was A Comfortable Experience. As A First-time Home Buyer I Think That Is Pretty Important....

"Mike Mcentee shares his experience of finding his first home in this competitive market."

- Mike Mcentee, Burlington, ON

...If You Want To Sell Your House, Do It The Right Way. Deal With Professionals....

""DO NOT SELL PRIVATE...please read.

WAY TO GO Lisa......
I have dealt with the Woolcott Group for 9 out of 10 transactions. McDonald's gives you a free coffee after 7 cups purchased. Hmmmm

I know that is a lot of moving. Life throws some curve balls and things happen along the way that cause moves. The Team that Drew and Jayne have built are the BEST.

I have dealt with Lisa Cox from her Real Estate infancy to now a true professional. Yes Don ( Lisa's Husband) Thank you too.
I want to tell everyone out there.....Listen to these people and trust them.

I thought I was doing myself a favor to earn a little more as the market is hot and tried to go the "private sale" route. If you have months to wait and want to watch houses sell around you then go ahead. The private sale route may work but at the end of it you may have sold your house for too little and went through a lot of frustration. The private sale route does not work as you cannot reach the true buyers that are out there. The private sale companies tell you that your house is on MLS...... yeah, in Toronto. Well, the people in your market don't see it.

Sooo, I tried it and realized my mistake... $900 mistake. I called Lisa and asked her what she can do and allow me to walk out of the sale with the money I needed.

She went off and did her research. Not only did she get back to me fast she promised me that she would not mislead me.

She suggested listing the house $10,000 more than what I had it on the private sale site for. The funny part is the private site "team" sent me a suggested price. Yes, $10,000.00 less than what Lisa suggested.
Needless to say, I took her advice and we listed it on Friday, Dec 16.
Well on Monday, Dec 19 I had 3 competing offers and the house SOLD.
Nooooo, I am not going to say for how much but...WOW does it feel GREAT.

I am off to my new house with way more than I expected and starting my future with my 3 boys and my girlfriend and her 3 children.
Yes, the modern day Brady Bunch.
I cannot thank Lisa enough.
DO Not List With anyone else...CALL Lisa

Thank You Lisa You are amazing.""

- Chris Rose, Waterdown, ON