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Burlington has earned its reputation as an incredible place to live. What many people don’t know is, it’s a pretty interesting one, too! From its history and culture to the animals that call the city home, there are all kinds of weird and wonderful things to learn about the area. In fact. we’ve uncovered a few tidbits that just might be brand new to you.

If you’re interested in learning more about Burlington, start with these five fun facts about the city…

1) There’s an annual salamander crossing 

This is one of our favourites. Did you know that every spring, Burlington closes down a section of King Road for an annual salamander crossing? Motorists, cyclists, and even pedestrians are prohibited from using the thoroughfare for a three-week period. It’s all part of a plan to avoid disrupting the mating migration of the Jeffersen Salamander. These efforts to protect this endangered species are a partnership between the city, Conservation Halton, and (of course) the good people of Burlington!

2) It’s the site of Canada’s Largest Ribfest

Local carnivores are particularly proud of this one. Burlington is home to Canada’s Largest Ribfest—a celebration of tender, fall-off-the-bone meat. At this 4-day food festival, you’ll enjoy the tasty creations of ribbers from all over North America. What a lot of newbies don’t know is, the event also plays host to a diverse (and downright impressive) showcase of musical performances. It all happens on Labour Day weekend at Spencer Smith Park.

3) Swans flock to LaSalle Park 

If you ever see them in person, you’ll agree that trumpeter swans are truly magnificent. In LaSalle Park, many Burlington residents have had the chance to get up close and personal with these beautiful birds. The local green space is a popular place for swans to overwinter during their migration, and they can be found along the shoreline from fall through the colder months. The efforts of the Trumpeter Swan Restoration Group have helped ensure their continued presence here (there’s no shortage of nature lovers in Burlington, that’s for sure!)

4) It’s home to the country’s largest botanical garden

Who doesn’t love a pleasant stroll through a beautiful garden? Burlington residents are big fans of this relaxing pastime, in part because the city is home to Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG). This 2,700-acre space is the largest of its kind in Canada. You’ll find upwards of 40,000 plants from over 40 collections here, making RBG one of the most interesting places to spend a day in the city.

5) Many of the city’s oldest buildings are still standing

As real estate professionals, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to talk about some of the city’s most impressive architecture. While many places across North America have demolished their old homes and churches, Burlington has done a great job of keeping theirs intact. You’ll find houses dating back to the late 1800s here, along with the historic churches on Elizabeth and Locust Streets.

Whether you’re new to the city, thinking of moving here, or you’ll be around for a visit, Burlington is a great place to explore. Come find out what makes this city one of the most interesting urban centres in Canada!

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