3 Tips To Find Your Dream Home Location

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When beginning your home search, there are many factors to consider. One thought that is consistently top-of-mind for many buyers is location. “A lot of buyers come to us, either from the area or out-of-town, wondering what area is the best for them to buy in,” says Drew Woolcott, broker of record, Re/Max Escarpment Woolcott… Read more »

4 Home Maintenance Tasks You Might Be Missing

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Ah, home maintenance! It’s an important part of home ownership, but it’s something that often falls to the wayside as busy family and work schedules take precedence. However, homes are not self-maintaining, and forgetting about routine tasks can affect value in the long run. “We go through hundreds of homes every single year and often… Read more »

4 Things To Consider When Buying a Condominium

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By Charlie Robson  I’ve been a condo owner for the majority of the time I’ve been a homeowner. It’s not for everyone, but if you want to lock the door and leave, not worry about the garden getting overgrown, or the snow getting shovelled, then it might be the right type of home ownership for… Read more »

Housewarming gifts for the first time home owner

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  When friends and family purchase their first home and move to a new address, it’s only natural to want to get them something to celebrate. Think of housewarming gifts as a lesser wedding present – that is, you are giving something they will be using in their new home, but you shouldn’t be shelling out… Read more »

The Team Approach to Buying a Home

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The Home Buying Process Team Buying a home is a process that involves a team of individuals with specific areas of expertise. Often the first person you work with is the real estate professional to help secure the perfect property but the team extends far beyond this. You will need to secure financing which will… Read more »