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Curb appeal The real estate market in Burlington is a competitive business. That’s why it’s always important to improve your home’s curb appeal to set it above the competition. When a prospective buyers drives through your neighbourhood, what do they see when they spot your home. Is the front lawn well manicured, or is the driveway in great shape, and not riddled with cracks that are filled with weeds? How is the shape of your roof, does it look like was used as a set piece in the movie Twister? If your exterior looks like the neighbourhood haunted house, your home might be considered a ‘fixer-upper’ fetching you less value and demand for your home than you would expect. Virginia Tech and the University of Guelph did studies in 2011 that measured the effect of landscaping on property values, and they both came to the same conclusion. To improve curb appeal, basic landscaping increased the home’s value by 5%, but more extensive landscaping including decks and patios increased the home’s value by 15%.

With Curb Appeal, where do you Spend the Money?

One of the easiest ways to improve curb appeal is to simply have a clean and tidy front yard. This is not a huge investment, as you can do it yourself, or employ the services of a landscape company. Take the time to edge gardens so they look beautiful and fresh. Trim your hedges, take down any rotting tree branches, and if it’s the spring or fall, rake up any leaves, or tidy up any debris. For bigger fixes, set a realistic budget, and think about what your are trying to accomplish with it. Now is not the time to build your own personal front lawn paradise. You probably don’t want to decorate your front lawn for Christmas or Halloween at this time either (not to be a Grinch). Instead, focus on giving your fence or trim a fresh paint job. Or putting in a new mailbox to replace that rusty mailbox you currently have. Even a few planters with healthy flowers can make a favourable impression. The end goal is to create an emotional connection when a prospective buyer glances at your home. People want to live at a house that the Cleavers live in, not the Beverly Hillbillies. Therefore, before you put that “for sale” sign up on your home, give your front yard a little spit and polish.


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