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Maximizing bathroom spaceIf you’re not ready to sell your home, as you need to save a bit of cash to upgrade, you might want to try to optimize your current home’s space to deal with a smaller home. Normally, especially when you have kids (and especially when you have teenage daughters) bathroom is the most requested room you should renovate.  Here are a few smart tips to maximize bathroom space and reward yourself with big payoffs.

Tip 1: Install a floating vanity

With a floating vanity, it leaves floor space below it, which tricks you into thinking the room is bigger than it really is.  Vanities provide plenty of storage space, and because they don’t touch the ground, cleaning up around them is a breeze with simple mopping.

Tip 2: Make your mirror work harder

Is your bathroom sporting an old bulky medicine cabinet? Replace it with a smarter mirrored cabinet.  How much do you really need to shove into your medicine cabinet anyway?  If you don’t have space, find alternative places for extra dental gear like razors, soap, medication and the like.

Tip 3: Use hidden space to your advantage

When you look at your bathroom, it might be quite difficult to imagine where you might find an inch of extra space.  However, if you have an empty wall, the space between the studs gives you an opportunity to store extra goods such as washcloths and toilet paper.

Tip 5: Revamp the storage drawer

Drawers are often unorganized messes in bathrooms.  Why not go through them, and toss all the stuff you don’t need.  Throw away any old cosmetics, personal supplies, old toothbrushes, expired sunscreen or vitamins.  Put the bar essentials in the drawer, and organize it by need.  For example, maybe in one cabinet keep all your products you plug in like hair dryers, hair straighteners, and hair clippers. In another drawer, keep your makeup and cosmetics.


Even though your bathroom is tiny, a little thought and organization can make it feel bigger.  You don’t have to knock down a wall to expand your bathroom, especially if you are considering moving.


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