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Netting the Biggest Profit on the Sale of Your Home

When selling your home, you want to net the most possible on your sale. One way of doing this is by ensuring that your home is as appealing to buyers as possible. Instead of renovating your entire home before you sell it, maximize your time and profit by focusing on the two rooms that will increase your home’s value the most: the kitchen and the baths.

Your Home’s Two Hot Spots

Before you start making changes to the look of your kitchen and baths, take some time to ensure the actual structure of your home is sound. Spending money on remodeling rooms is pointless if there is a chance of a leaky roof or basement flood! Hiring someone for basement remodeling columbia, can help you know what is important for you to do when remodeling your basement.

Next, you’ll want to focus on what can be done to upgrade your kitchen and baths. Since buyers examine these rooms the closest when they come check out your home, they need to look their Sunday best. Making these rooms look appealing is one secret to achieving the most value during the sale of your home!

Upgrading Your Kitchen

Before you begin any renovations, consider the look of your neighbourhood and target buyer. If kitchens in neighbouring homes feature granite and quartz, consider upgrading yours to that as well. If other homes nearby have more simple kitchens with tile countertops, then make those renovations to your kitchen, too.  When completing your kitchen renovation, consider what can be done to create a space that will fit in with your neighbourhood and be appealing to buyers, without requiring an overinvestment on your end.

Avoid spending a lot of money and make your kitchen more buyer-friendly by cleaning cabinet doors, replacing cabinet hardware, installing a new faucet or installing a new light fixture. Remember: never underestimate the selling power of a fresh coat of paint!

Making Your Baths More Appealing to Buyers

To a potential buyer, the look of a master bath is almost as important as the kitchen’s appeal. Baths can be one of the most challenging rooms to upgrade in a home and can involve expensive costs from tradespeople. The key to upgrading the baths in your home is to work with what you’ve already got and save as much of the existing bath as you can.

Spend some time deep cleaning the grout and tile work, in addition to making the bathroom sparkling clean. Keep the counters and medicine cabinet shelves uncluttered and tidy. Consider changing the faucets or lighting and brighten up the space with new mirrors, storage solutions, and towel racks.

Let Woolcott Realty Help You Sell Your Home!

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