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Design Trend: Rancher Style Homes

Thursday September 10, 2015


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Home design trends take time to mature, to come into their own season. And yet, ranch style homes have stood the test of time. Ranch style, also known as “Ramblers” in some parts of the United States date back to the 1920s, yet they gained their popularity during the post-World War II home construction. It was during this time that bungalow sized ranch-style homes came into vogue.

The original Ranch style homes were quick to build, and affordable to buy. And in the post-World War II real estate market, offering a style of home that was affordable to both purchase and build was a huge advantage. Quickly, Ranchers became the staple of suburban residential developments across the United States and then Canada. As two storey, freestanding homes became the norm, Ranchers became less widespread.

Over the last decade however, Ranchers are in increasing demand. Ranchers offer historic charm with contemporary conveniences at a competitive price point. More home buyers than ever are seeking out Ranchers with the intention of renovating them to suit their family’s lifestyle. By definition, a Ranch style home features a low pitched gable roof, deep set eaves, horizontal (or even “rambling”) floor plan often in a rectangular or “L” shaped design, large windows, and an emphasis on open concept floorplans.

Frank Lloyd Wright Ranchers

Thanks to Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous architect, Ranchers gained even more notoriety as a design forward architectural statement. His low-lying, Prairie styles homes were designed to meld into rural settings, as opposed to the more urban settings that the original Ranchers were intended for. The first ever Ranch style home is attributed to the architect Cliff May who built a home of this style in San Diego, California in 1932. However, it was Frank Lloyd Wright who undoubtedly popularized the style. Despite the arguably strict rules of what dictates a Rancher style home, Frank Lloyd Wright made it his own. You can see some of his Ranch or Prairie Style homes here.

Mid Century Home Design

Now, more than ever, mid-century design is back in fashion, and Ranchers offer the very best in mid-century details. From solid hardwood floors to steel casement windows and interior brickwork, a Rancher is sure to satisfy even the most dedicated mid-century design aficionado. Even those who love contemporary design are moving towards the Rancher for its open concept floor plans, and design forward built ins. Due to their open concept design, and minimal decorative touches, Ranchers offer a multitude of renovation possibilities.

The Rancher Potential

Ranchers are primarily one storey homes. As such, they are not only accessible for aging homeowners, but safe for growing families. With no need to worry about unsuspecting flights of stairs, you can be confident letting your children explore at their leisure. For ambitious home buyers, the renovation and home flipping possibilities of a mid-century rancher are endless.


Here are a few of our ranch style homes for sale:

3330 Milburough Line, Burlington

3330 Milburough Line


10 Stonebury Place, Flamborough

10 Stonebury Place


136 Rockcliffe Road, Waterdown

136 Rockcliffe Road


To learn more about ranchers for sale in Burlington and surrounding areas, speak to a Woolcott representative today!


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