Tips on How to Best Show your Home for Sale

 First impressions are important and the same holds true when you are showcasing your home for a potential sale. While larger home improvement projects are often necessary to catch the eye of someone in the market for a new home, they require a great deal of time and money.  Sometimes simple cleaning and organization is all that is needed for your home to become more appealing to potential buyers.

Giving the perception of a clean home is of utmost importance for people looking to sell their homes.  Presenting a sparkling clean property gives the impression that it was well maintained. This gives potential buyers a feeling of security.  Often they will pay a premium for a place that has been well-maintained is decluttered and has a clean appearance.

  • Staging homes for sale aids in a quicker sale and a higher price.
  • A better than average lifestyle is presented to the Buyer.


Tips to Impress Your Guests and Convince Potential Buyers That You Took Outstanding Care of Your Home:


Simplify Your Environment

Begin by de-cluttering your home. By removing personal items that might distract prospective buyers, you’ll help them focus on how they think the home might look when they move in. You don't want buyers to focus on possessions that you’ll be taking with you when you move.  Furthermore, by getting rid of items you no longer need, you save yourself a lot of time and money when you physically move to your new home.

  • Reduce clutter.
  • Sort through closets, drawers, and storage areas.


Neutralize House Colours

Neutral Decorating

When showing your home to others, it's best to set your personal tastes aside by decorating in a way that will appeal to a broad range of people. Think about replacing strong patterns with solid colours on items like bedding, carpets and drapes. It might also be a good call to store that dramatic piece of art somewhere out of sight. You can show it off again when you move into your new house. Also, wherever possible remove any family photos or personal items that you do not want the general public to view.  

  • Whenever your home is being shown, open your curtains to let the light in – especially if the view is nice.


A Photogenic Home

Many potential buyers will make decisions on which homes they would like to look at by looking at photos posted online. Do whatever you can to make your home sparkle in the images you and your real estate agent select for your listing.  Focus on glass and metal surfaces that will add shine to your photos.  Take your photos at a good time of day where there is a lot of natural light.

  • If you have a deck, patio, porch or other outdoor entertainment area such as a pool or hot tub, make the most of them. Keep these areas, as well as your backyard, clean and clutter-free: put debris in covered trash cans.
  • Fresh cut flowers can add to the appearance and freshness of your home. This is an inexpensive way of adding colour to a room.


Lighting Your Home for Staging

Turn on the lights

When you know someone is coming by to tour your home, turn on all the indoor and outdoor lights. At night, a lit house gives a “homey” impression when viewed from the street. During the daytime, turning on the lights prevents harsh shadows from sunlight and it brightens up any dim areas.

  • Always have the lights on to welcome people when viewing your home.


Rooms That Must Sparkle

Update the bath Organize the kitchen

While it’s important to keep the entire home spotless, there are two rooms in particular that require special attention: the kitchen and the bathroom. In a recent survey, Mr. Clean asked consumers which room they would clean first if moving into a new home. Of more than 1,000 participants an impressive 41 per cent responded the kitchen and 38 per cent said the bathroom. When selling your home, it is important to make the extra effort in these two rooms; you’ll never know if it will make or break a deal.

  • Organize the kitchen. Clear off the counter tops. Add drawer organizers to suggest efficient use of space.
  • Sparkling windows and doors inside and out along with repairs to cracked panes & torn screens.
  • Fresh paint or touching up the walls is an added touch.
  • Update the bath. Cleaning and painting can make the bathroom dynamite. Consider replacing the vanity and  sink. Installing new floor covering or resurfacing a stained bathtub. Even a new shower curtain or toilet seat can work wonders.


Home Scents -  Think Fragrances, not Sprays

Fragrances can help the home to smell fresh

Whether they know it or not, people entering a home will notice more than just appearances. Attractive scents can create good feelings. Candles, diffusers, potpourri and cookies all offer inviting and fan aromas. Use a cleaner with a pleasant scent to keep home smelling fresh.

  • Do not use scented sprays to prepare for visitors.  Sometimes you can overdo it with sprays, and your house may smell off putting.  
  • If you want to have a pleasant aroma in your house, have a potpourri pot or something natural.
  • Or turn on a stove burner for a moment and put a drop of vanilla extract on it.  It will smell like you have been cooking.
  • Create an aroma during the showings. Burning candles, potpourri.  Boil a pot of cinnamon, dab of vanilla on cold light bulbs. The smell of home made bread is very appealing.  Soft quiet music playing in the background will add to the ambiance.


The Kitchen Trash

Empty the trash

Make sure you empty it every time someone comes to look at your home -- even if your trash can is kept under the kitchen sink.  Kitchen trash does not send a positive image, nor do odours such as sour milk or spoiled orange juice that might be in your bin.  You may go through more plastic bags than usual, but it will be worth it.


Pet Control

If you have pets, we will put a notice with your listing in the MLS.  It would be best to take the pets with you while the home buyers tour your home.  If you cannot do that , it is best to keep dogs in a penned area in the backyard.  Try to keep indoor cats in a specific room when you expect visitors, and put a sign on the door.

  • Ask a friend to care for your pets while the house is being shown.
  • Hide any pet bowls, litter boxes etc.
  • Change that kitty litter.  Nobody wants to smell cat pee.
  • Vaccuum as excessive cat and dog hair can be a big turn off.


Details Matter - Save Yourself Time, Money And Disappointment - Do Required Maintenance Now!

Eliminate any small imperfections that might cause uneasiness with potential buyers by replacing broken light bulbs, fixing loose doorknobs or getting your closet door moving smoothly on its tracks.  Even something as minor as a little mess in the microwave could turn off a prospective buyer, so make sure every place you can think of is squeaky clean.  Since first impressions are so important, having your home properly cleaned and staged will help you make a sale more quickly and net the price you deserve.

  • Make sure the garage is swept and remove any stains from the floor (TSP from your local hardware store is great for removing any stains on your garage floor or driveway)
  • Repair cracks and pull weeds from walkways and the drive.
  • Flowered plants by the front door and an inexpensive doormat for your front entrance will be an added attraction.
  • Repair any leaks and make sure gutters and down spouts are free of debris.

Inspections and potential repairs are the number one reason sales don't close.

Exterior painting Awnings add detail


Keeping the House Tidy and Neat

Tidy the house

Not everyone makes his or her bed every day, but when selling a home it is recommended that you develop the habit.

  • Pick up papers, do not leave empty glasses in the family room, keep everything freshly dusted and vacuumed.
  • Polish any glass or shiny services to remove finger prints and coffee cup rings.
  • Try your best to have it look like a model home – a home with furniture but nobody really lives there.


Remember first impressions are important! These tips should help yours be a positive one . . .
and help make your home TOO LATE!