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8 Important Things to Remember When Selling Your Home

Friday December 15, 2017

Buying a Home

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Empty room full of moving boxesSelling your home can be an exciting and busy time. It’s easy to get caught up in the madness, but it’s essential that you don’t. During this time, you need to have everything prepared and ready to go. Not to mention that you and your realtor need to work together to create a comprehensive and strategic plan. Before you get too far into the process of selling your home, take a look at some of the most important things to remember first.

Repair and Replace

If you want to sell your house quickly and at the best price possible, you’re going to have to make it shine. This is the time to perform those updates that have been placed on the backburner all these years. This includes painting, calling your Oakland County Plumber, repairing holes in walls, replacing house numbers, updating any outdated appliances, re-caulking or re-grouting tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, and fixing any broken locks, doors, screens or doors, among any other minor upgrades that need to be done. Doing a kitchen remodel can also help make it easier to sell your home.

Of course, each home is different. If you’ve been planning to sell for a while, chances are you’ve gradually made larger upgrades to the home and it’s ready to sell. If you’re unsure, check with the experts at The Woolcott Team.


Curb appeal can go a long way when it comes to selling your home. Just by doing some minor upgrades to the exterior of your home, you can greatly improve the aesthetic, if even to impress the passersby who see your “for sale” sign.

Small upgrades that can improve the curb appeal of your house include:

• Green, even grass
• Colourful flower gardens
• Outdoor furniture
• Updated mailbox and/or house numbers
• Exterior lighting and pathway illumination

Simply arranging the outdoor furniture in a way that promotes a certain setting can even be helpful. For example, a dining or lounging area on the porch or backyard.

Décor and Clutter

Potential buyers should be able to envision themselves living inside your house. To ensure that they can do so, it’s important to remove the clutter and any personal items. Simply put your personal items into storage bins and store away neatly and take this time to de-clutter your home. Chances are this will help when it comes time for you to pack your home and move as well.

Once your personal items have been stored away, you can add a few finishing touches to the aesthetic of each room. You can appeal to the tastes of just about everybody with neutral and soft pastel colours.

Home Staging

Staging your home professionally is a key step in the selling process. By staging each room, you can truly bring the full potential of your home to light for potential buyers. You can help highlight the features of each room, all while helping enhance the size and functionality of each space.

Many real estate agents and teams work with various home staging companies. If you’re interested in staging your home, speak with your agent.


It’s time for a little elbow grease. Giving your home a deep-cleaning can help improve the fragrance and aesthetic throughout. This is especially important if children or pets currently live in your house. Take this time to clean all windows or renovate them with help of professional services like Window Company Visalia, shampoo and vacuum all carpets, wash and wax floors and trim, scrub tile and grout in the bathroom and kitchen areas, properly clean outside, and inside and underneath appliances.

After everything is sparkling clean, adding some greenery and flowers can really boost the final result.

Organize Your Documents

Having all of your documents and paperwork organized and ready can really help save time. Not only will you be providing your real estate agent, banking institution, and everybody else with the correct information, but you’ll be speeding along the process and verifying your credibility too.

Moving Essentials

If your house is on the market or has been purchased – it’s go time.

This is where the fun begins. You have a chance to sort through everything you’ve accumulated over the years, sort through what you’d like to keep, toss, or sell, and really de-clutter. Once you’ve decided what is going to move with you, you need to pack it and move it properly. Creating a moving checklist might help you stay organized and on schedule.

Your checklist could include the following:

• Boxes
• Storage containers/tubs
• Bubble wrap
• Moving vehicle(s)
• Movers and helpers
• Arrange time away from work
• Installation of services (Hydro, Cable, Internet, Telephone, etc.)

You should also make a list of the services that you must change your address with. This includes your Ontario Health Card, Ontario Drivers License, Passport, Hydro, cellphone companies, banks, credit cards, work, school, and much more.

For more moving tips and tricks, take a look at this article to make your moving day easier!

Select a Realtor

Arguably, selecting a credible and experienced realtor is the first and most important step. There are so many benefits to working with a real estate agent or real estate team. A realtor can help you sell your home quickly and at the best price possible. Not to mention the assistance that they can provide with the paperwork, home staging, financial aspects, and more.

If you’re looking for a real estate agent in Hamilton and Burlington, contact The Woolcott Team today. We can help you find the perfect house for sale in Burlington, Waterdown, Oakville, and more!