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Woolcott’s Private Collection Offers Sellers a Discreet Sales Experience

Tuesday October 22, 2019

Selling your Home

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Want to sell your home without traditional advertising such as a for sale sign or MLS listing? Desire more control of who enters your home as a potential buyer? Woolcott’s Private Collection, an off-market home sales service, offers sellers privacy and discretion with their property sale. Let the Woolcott team sell your home – without it ever even hitting the real estate market!

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How Woolcott’s Private Collection Works

The Woolcott team works hard to ensure privacy and confidentiality is maintained when you choose to list your home as part of our Private Collection. We will not post a for sale sign on your front lawn or advertise your property on the website Realtor.ca. Instead, we will list your home on our company’s website and make it accessible to only buyers who are working with our team. Our large team of professional sales representatives work with 50-100 active buyers at any time. Working with so many active buyers enables us to easily sell your home internally without any traditional advertising needed.

The seller is completely involved throughout the process by choosing the level of exposure desired with marketing their property. This allows for control regarding which potential buyers get to come to the property for a showing. Eliminate time and hassle by showing your home to only those who are completely serious in buying and eliminate all of the solely ‘curious buyers.’ If requested, we do not even have to advertise your property’s address and location! Working with our professional staff ensures the sale of your home remains as private as you choose. Let us show you how your home sale can be completed without barely anyone even knowing!

The Benefits of Listing with Our Private Collection

Our off-market home sales service appeals to those who want privacy and discreetness throughout the selling process. Don’t want your neighbours to know you’re moving? Want less drive-by traffic or unnecessary viewings by those who are simply curious? In no big rush to sell your property and can wait for the proper buyer? Then contact one of our sales representatives to further discuss the prospect of listing your home as part of our Private Collection. Have more control with selling your home, maintain your privacy and trust our professionals to keep the transaction discreet.

Buying a Home in Woolcott’s Private Collection

Working with the Woolcott team gives you access to a number of exclusive properties that no other real estate company even knows about. At any given time, our team has numerous properties that are not being advertised in traditional methods, thereby remaining exclusive to our team. Want access to the available inventory, with zero cost to you? Contact our office today and inquire about our Private Collection.

Hire the Best to Sell Your Home Discreetly

If you are you thinking of selling your home but want to practice discretion while doing so, then trust the Woolcott team. Call us today at 905-332-9223 to further discuss our Private Collection.