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Amazing Alternatives to Manually Pulling Out Garden Weeds

Wednesday May 22, 2013

Curb Appeal

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Weeding by handNobody wants weeds in their garden (unless, of course, you’re going for a dilapidated haunted house look).  Weeds will really bring down the curb appeal of your home, as well, weeds will crowd out the plants you actually want, killing off those vegetables you’ve worked so hard to maintain, or those flowers that look nice on your yard.

You can also get garden weeds growing in your grass, due to neglect.  If you’re like most people, you’ll just shrug, and mow over them with the lawnmower, only to get more annoyed as they spread further in each passing year.  However, mowing does nothing for weeds, they’ll just end up growing back, and faster each time. I remember my grade three teacher explaining to my class, that often weeds were like icebergs, where the top part is only a fraction of what lies beneath the soil.

There are lots of ways to eliminate garden weeds.  If you have a small garden, your best solution is to pull out each garden individually, making certain the roots come out with them.  If you’ve got a weekend, this isn’t such a bad job at all.  You just have to make sure each weed’s roots come out of the dirt, or else all your effort will be in vain.  You also have to take care when pulling weeds that you just aren’t spreading more seeds.  Toss weeds into a bag before you track new seeds throughout your garden.  Then dispose of the weeds in your compost or green bin.

If your garden is huge, you might want to try a weed killer.  here are dozens of types of weed killers out there, and you must follow the directions exactly for the eradication of garden weeds.  Garden weeds come in different forms, some of which are meant for flower gardens, others, which are meant for vegetable gardens. Talk to your local gardening center or apply for My Lawn Care mowing services to find the best weed killer for your usage, and begin enjoying a weed free garden.

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