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Looking for Burlington’s most family-friendly neighbourhood? Chances are, you’re picturing playgrounds, parks, and quiet residential streets. While there’s no doubt that the general character of an area is important, there’s one factor that many parents don’t think of right away—schools. Your kids deserve an incredible education, and that’s just what they’ll get in this city!

If you’re choosing a place to settle down with your family, here are some of the top schools in Burlington for your consideration…

1) John T. Tuck

For almost 60 years, John T. Tuck has been providing Roseland children with a fantastic education. One of the biggest draws for parents is the school’s highly-impressive Fraser Institute score of 9 out of 10. Keep in mind, this Canadian ranking system is well-known for its accuracy in the world of education. As for the students, they’re big fans of the wide variety of clubs and teams available—along with the opportunity to dress up for John T. Tuck’s “Spirit Days.”

2) St. Raphael

If you’re hoping to give your kids a Catholic education, there’s no better place to do it than St. Raphael’s. Located in family-friendly Shoreacres, this school receives an incredible ranking of 9.3 from the Fraser Institute. Its EQAO scores are also impressive, which isn’t surprising given the personalized attention kids receive. From its reading programs (which provides students who are struggling with extra attention) to its focus on computer literacy and technology, St. Rapael’s goes far beyond delivering a stellar faith-based education.

3) Orchard Park

Whether you’re thinking of moving to The Orchard or you already call this charming neighbourood home, you’re in luck if you have little ones. There are five great schools in the community, including one with a 8.2 Fraser Institute ranking. We’re talking about Orchard Park. This smaller school offers fantastic academic support for its students, as well as a long list of sports teams and extracurriculars. From athletics to the arts and beyond, there’s something for every child!

4) St. Anne

St. Anne is the second Catholic institution to make our list. Located in Alton Village, this Burlington School gets a ranking of 8.7 from the Fraser Institute. Its EQAO numbers for reading, writing, and math are equally impressive. Of course, there’s more to a great school than academics. When it comes to extracurricular activities, St. Anne also has a lot of heart. From “the Kindness Club,” to “Battle of the Books” to the “ECO Team,” there’s no shortage of ways for children to grow their social and emotional intelligence here.

5) Maplehurst

At over 100 years old, Maplehurst Public School has a long history—but that’s not why its reputation is strong. The staff here is committed, and it shows in the students’ academic performances (as reflected in its Fraser Institute ranking of 8). Other great Maplehurst qualities include the fun activities it offers (from move nights to pancake days), its involvement with the community (parents and Aldershot residents are encouraged to volunteer for events), and its vigilance when it comes to creating a safe environment.

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