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Southwestern Ontario Living emphasizes the simplicity of melding urban and rural living. Living in the Burlington and surrounding area means that squeezing in a round of golf, going for a hike at Bronte Creek Provincial Park, or spending the day at the beach are all within arm’s reach. And we wouldn’t rather have it any other way. If you are like most homeowners, you like your home to reflect your personal style. And for many homeowners in the Burlington area, the modern, urban cottage fits the bill.

a modern cottage with steps


The modern cottage aesthetic is as functional as it is relaxing. You can feel like you have escaped to cottage country, but without the four hour car ride in rush hour traffic! So, how can you achieve the urban, modern cottage aesthetic while still maintaining the functionality you crave? Here’s how:

The Urban Cottage Style Exterior

Now, unless you already live in a cottage style home, there may not be anything you can do about transforming the outside of your home into a picture perfect cottage. Typically speaking, a modern cottage style home is smaller, and boasts asymmetrical architecture. Imagine steeply pitched roofs, dramatic dormers, and natural siding that makes use of highly textured materials like brick, or stone. Often, shutters, arched doorways, and fairy tale gardens complete the look.

The Living Room Made For Living

And by living, we mean relaxing. Over the past few years, interior designers have been experiencing a living room renaissance. However, where unaccommodating, richly upholstered arm chairs once stood you will find soft surfaces, simple shapes, and functional pieces designed for ultimate relaxation. When choosing furniture for your cottage style living room, make functional decisions. Think of who will be using the sofa, the arm chairs, and the window seats. If you want your living room to be a locus of family activity, make room for a small desk where homework can be tackled, while you’re reading away at your book club novel.

Urban Cottage Bedroom Style

Modern cottage style seriously thrives in the bedroom, and why shouldn’t it? Bedrooms are intended as spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation – just like the cottage. If you are going to focus on one room at a time while transforming your home into a cottage oasis, start with your bedroom. Pair the same high quality linens you love with re-purposed furniture, soft colours, and more feather filled pillows than you can shake a stick at.

The Cottage Kitchen

All day, your kitchen is a flurry of activity, but how comfortable is it? A cottage kitchen is as functional as it is comfortable. And while soft colours and painted cabinets make it visually comfortable, window seats and upholstered kitchen table chairs make it physically comfortable. Make your kitchen a family friendly, clutter free space. Install bookshelf style cubbies that can be used for storing mail and homework, and keep a chalkboard nearby the phone for messages and reminders.

The modern cottage aesthetic can be achieved from the ground up, or room by room. For example, start by slowly incorporating re-purposed furniture, and adding soft colours and even softer fabrics throughout your home. Before you know it, you’ll be at the cottage.

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