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Buying a home in Burlington, Ontario offers residents the best of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) without the hustle and bustle of Toronto living. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Burlington provides residents with a huge number of amenities as well as a scenic, relaxing setting.

Burlington is home to roughly 176,000 residents, who represent a diverse population. Burlington is located in the centre of what is commonly referred to as The Golden Horseshoe. This highly dense and industrialized area is home to over 8 million people. It stretches from Lake Erie to the Georgian Bay tracing its way through Windsor, the GTA, Hamilton, and Quebec City.


Burlington, Ontario is located within the Halton region, on the western shores of Lake Ontario. While Burlington is an entirely self-sufficient city, it is considered part of the Greater Toronto Area, and is a part of the Hamilton Census. Neighbouring communities include Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, and of course Toronto, Mississauga, and Etobicoke. There is a huge amount of green space both in and around the city of Burlington. Its close proximity to Lake Ontario also helps to moderate harsh winter temperatures. As a result, Burlington enjoys milder winters and a plethora of flora and fauna unique to the immediate area!

Average Home Prices

As of September 2015, the average home price in Burlington was $571,439. See below for a breakdown of average home prices by community.


Burlington community map


Average home prices for each Burlington community


Alton Village

Detached – $754,000

Semi’s – $551,000

Townhouses – $452,000

Condo Townhouse – $421,000

Condo Apartments – $277,000



Detached – $766,834



Detached – $828,655.30

Townhouse/condo – $354,481.10


Brant Hills

Detached – $575,318.10

Townhouse/condo – $306,310.70


Headon Forest

Detached – $650,848

Condominium Townhome – $378,205



Detached – $932,000

Townhouses – $540,000

Condo Townhomes – $535,000



Detached – $669,000

Semi’s – $527,000

Townhouses – $490,000

Condo Townhouse – $483,000

Condo Apartments – $302,000



Detached – $457,286.60



Detached – $527,449

Condominium Townhome – $352,410



Detached – $615,000

Townhouses – $472,000

Condo Towns – $533,000

Condo Apartments – $262,000



Detached – $721,526.44


Downtown (Maple, Plains, Central)

Detached – $694,886

Condo Apartment – $380,183

Condo Town – $411,080



Detached – $567,200



Detached – $601,371



Condos (apartments and townhomes) – $341,644

Semis and Towns – $449,043

Detached – $587,962



Detached – $1,142,371



Detached – $906,676


Elizabeth Gardens

Condos (apartments and townhomes) – $400,820

Detached – $635,827

Each community within the city of Burlington offers homeowners a unique collection of amenities and opportunities. The home prices in each area of the city also vary based on their proximity to Lake Ontario, the convenience of neighbourhood amenities, property taxes, and proximity to schools and healthcare facilities. Burlington offers homeowners the opportunity to purchase new, modern homes alongside more historic homes. As of September 2015, the average home price in Burlington was $571,439. On average, home sale prices in Burlington have increased by 9.7% since 2014. The Woolcott team looks forward to helping you navigate Burlington’s exciting and dynamic real estate market.

Benefits of Living in Burlington

The city of Burlington has a lot to offer. From art galleries to gourmet restaurants, and film festivals to Ribfests, Burlington has it all. Nature lovers spend their weekends strolling the 20 kilometres of waterfront trails, or stopping to smell the roses at the world famous Royal Botanical Gardens. Other nature destinations include Bronte Creek Provincial Park and the enormous Spencer Smith Park. The Bruce Trail, which follows the Niagara Escarpment (a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve), also traces through the area.

Those who are looking to soak up a little bit of nostalgic culture can look forward to the Sound of Music Festival that takes place every June. Other annual cultural events include the Art in the Park festival, Lakeside Festival of Lights, and of course, the finger licking good Ribfest (the largest in Canada)! And of course, the Burlington Art Centre has been a locus of artistic and cultural innovation and celebration since 1978, attracting more than 100,000 visitors every year!

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