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The spirit of Halloween will be in full display at a number of events in and around Burlington as the end of the month approaches. There are ways to keep the kids entertained, chances to enjoy some dressing-up of your own, and of course, lots of treats on offer. Have a look at what’s scheduled… Read more »

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Our homes are a physical reflection of our needs, personality and lifestyles. With each passing year, design trends change to create a fresh new energy for introducing updated looks to accommodate the varying patterns of our lives. For many homeowners, a movement beyond the desire for private a refuge has been replaced by creating an… Read more »

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This Halloween, there’s no need to rush out to Spencer’s, Party City, Costco, or any other Halloween decoration store to purchase expensive decorations for your home. It’s time to put your creativity to the test, take a look at the materials that you can reuse in your home, and have a haunting good time. If… Read more »

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Burlington is a wonderful city to retire to.  It’s got amazing restaurants, a beautiful lake view, fantastic parks, and it’s close to several great golf courses.  As a lot of people never seem to fully retire, Burlington is also close to Toronto, making it an easy drive if you have to do the odd consulting… Read more »

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  Will I Need CMHC Insurance?   A mortgage is a must for many buyers, yet they can be very confusing. Not only do you have to pick which one works best for your financial situation, but you have to sort through all the different products and banks out there. The first thing to consider… Read more »

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Tired of looking at your old house? It might be time to consider an upgrade and increase it’s value at the same time. Having the home you always dreamed about is within your grasp. Your home can be neglected with faded color and peeling paint and your home can be transformed into one of the… Read more »

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It might be October, but growing season isn’t over until the first hard frost hits. There are still plenty of plants you can grow, saving you money in the grocery store’s produce aisle. Fall is a fantastic time for gardening as in Ontario, we tend to get more rain, there is still plenty of sunlight,… Read more »

spring blooming sidewalk

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The real estate market in Burlington is a competitive business. That’s why it’s always important to improve your home’s curb appeal to set it above the competition. When a prospective buyer drives through your neighbourhood, what do they see when they spot your home? Is the well-manicured front lawn, or is the driveway in great… Read more »

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Time flies when you’re having fun and that’s why it’s no secret how quickly your home can start to look dated. When you are selling your home, you really want to showcase something that looks relatively modern. Sure, in some sense a classical look is fine for a home, as long as it’s elegant. Some… Read more »

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Nobody wants weeds in their garden (unless, of course, you’re going for a dilapidated haunted house look).  Weeds will really bring down the curb appeal of your home, as well, weeds will crowd out the plants you actually want, killing off those vegetables you’ve worked so hard to maintain, or those flowers that look nice… Read more »