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Curb Appeal Tips & Tricks When Selling Your Home

Monday November 4, 2019

Curb Appeal

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Home exterior at night.

Curb appeal is crucial for a lasting and positive first impression. A landscape and exterior of a home that is poorly maintained, outdated or simply unattractive can put the entire sale at risk. Potential buyers may not even give your home a second thought or they may offer considerably less than asking. In light of this, our experts at The Woolcott Team has gathered their best tips and tricks to help improve the curb appeal of your home before you sell.

The Importance of Curb Appeal

Simply put, curb appeal is the visual appearance and attractiveness of a property for sale and its surroundings as seen from the street. When a potential buyer drives by your home to scope it out, they may be persuaded by the appearance, or they may run for the hills.

If your home doesn’t have a neutral look and clean aesthetic, it may put a sour taste in the buyer’s mouth. Chances are, they will not consider your home down the line, try to negotiate for a much lower price or not even give it the time of day to begin with. These are of course, not favourable to the property you’re trying to sell.

By making a few small upgrades and maintaining a neutral, clean, and attractive property, the curb appeal of your home might be the selling point when the time is right.

A Different Perspective

In order to please the vast majority of buyers by improving the curb appeal of your home, you should ensure that the house provides a clean slate for potential buyers to imagine their own lives in the space. Prospective buyers should be able to effectively visualize the improvements that they could make, how they would accessorize and decorate and, most importantly, see their own family living there.

You’ve likely lived in your home for so long, chances are you’re used to the tiny imperfections and don’t see them as so. You’re used to the broken step. You’ve glanced past the unmaintained flower garden a thousand times. The dirt on the siding isn’t that bad – or is it?

Take some time and view your property from the perspective of the buyer. Chances are you might find a few things can be updated, maintained, or cleaned to help improve the curb appeal.

Exterior Maintenance

Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, that’s what our experts are here for. Find below some of the main elements you should be taking a closer look at and cleaning or upgrading if need be.


The roof is a big one. If it’s been decades since your roof was revamped, it leaks when it rains, or it appears unattractive, you should look to have it repaired before putting your house on the market – especially if it’s missing any shingles. Not only will it help improve curb appeal, but it will also help raise the value of your home.


Is the siding a little on the dirty side? Grab your power washer and get to work. You might be surprised at what a power washing can do for the aesthetic of your home.


While you have your pressure washer out, give the deck a good soak as well. If that doesn’t help improve the look, it might be time to stain and seal.

Walkways & Driveway

Are the stones or pavers in your walkway broken or chipped? Is your driveway more rocks and rubble than it is smooth asphalt? Upgrading the walkway and driveway is more than just about aesthetic and boosting property value, it’s about safety too.

House Numbers

Your house numbers should always be clean, bright and easy to read. If it’s been a while since they were last updated, now is the time. Consider the style of your home when choosing the new numbers for an added effect.


Old and dingy outdoor furniture can diminish the curb appeal of a home, especially if everything else is neat and tidy. Either use this time to invest in some new furniture for when you move and toss the old stuff.


The landscape is arguably the most important part. Brown grass that has lots of bald spots and flower gardens that have gone wild, combined with weeds, leaves, sticks, and everything else, can completely change the way a buyer sees your house. Take some time to maintain your lawn by pulling weeds, planting fresh flowers, trimming hedges, cutting the grass, aerating, watering and fertilizing.

A little TLC can go a long way!


Have you ever noticed the difference between a house that has exterior lighting and one that doesn’t? Illuminating walkways, driveways, flower gardens and the physical exterior of your home can add to a more luxurious atmosphere, while improving safety and even deterring trespassers.

Clutter & Garbage

It’s time to clean up the clutter. This includes garden tools, bikes, old pots, garbage, sticks, leaves, broken furniture or accessories, and of course, your actual garbage can and recycling bins. Try and keep your home looking as neat and tidy as possible.

Get a Second Opinion

Have you completed many of the steps above, but still aren’t sure if your house is ready to hit the market? Contact our team of experienced local realtors. One of our friendly and knowledgeable local real estate agents would be more than happy to counsel you on how to improve the curb appeal of your home. Not only that, our top real estate agents can provide a free home evaluation for you, help you put your property on the market, and sell it at the best price possible!

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