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Easy Home DIYs You Can Do in Under an Hour!

Tuesday February 5, 2013

Interior Design

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Home DIY’s has been a craze for quite some time. Tim the Toolman may have been someone who brought it into popularity (as well as Earnest, from Earnest Goes to Camp and such), but in the decades since Home Improvement the home improvement trend seems to continue. It’s no wonder why no matter what you want to do, that all you really to do is look it up on Youtube, and most of your answers are delivered in five minutes or less of video.

In this blog post, we’ll focus more on DIY projects because not all of us at the Woolcott Team are exceptionally crafty – but we do love a great home and the decorations. Eye-catching frames, unique pieces of furniture and, one of our favourite looks, upcycled skids, all make a huge difference in the presentation of a home.

We also know that not everyone has time to spend hours working on the perfect couch – sometimes you want something quick and easy. Look below for our favourite three DIY projects that can all be completed in under an hour!




Supplies Needed:

1 Sharpie Marker, in the colour of your choice
2 white mugs
An oven
Your favourite quotes

This is a great project to take on with kids or a significant other on a lazy Sunday afternoon to create memorable coffee mugs.

Take your Sharpie, and write your favourite quotes on the mug. Once finished, pop them into a preheated oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for thirty minutes. When complete, pull out of the oven and VOILA – customized mugs! Consider morning coffee mug bickers a thing of the past!



Supplies Needed

6 Wooden Pallets – try asking a local grocery store
Cushion or foam to cover the tops of the pallets
Fabric to cover
Staple gun

Align the six pallets in an L-shape, with two layers so the couch is an appropriate height. Cut foam to fit the shape of the couch. Staple fabric to the back of foam pillows. Three simple steps and you have a brand new couch with built-in storage!

Note: If you are skilled with a sewing machine, feel free to go ahead and create covers for the foam. This is not a skill many of us possess at the Woolcott Team!


Quick Tie Pillow Cover


Supplies Needed

Fabric (3 times as wide and 2 times as long as a pillow)

Lay pillow in the middle of the fabric. Fold the bottom half of the fabric up to the centre of the pillow, and then the top half of the fabric down to the centre of the pillow. Create a triangle on each end with the remaining length of the fabric. Fold each triangle side across the pillow. Now tie a square knot by tying the fabric over-under, then under-over. In just a couple of minutes, you have a brand new throw pillow!

For more DIYs, home improvement tips, or information that can help you buy or sell a home, visit our blog. Our team of experts at the Woolcott Team work hard to bring you the most engaging and helpful information around, just one of the many reasons that contribute to them being some of the best real estate agents in Waterdown, Hamilton and Burlington.

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