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Five Post-Christmas Clean-Up Tips

Wednesday January 23, 2013


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Decorating your home for Christmas is much more fun than cleaning up afterward. Often, we just tend to grab and throw all the decorations into a box, only to scratch our heads 11 months later. Instead of declaring year after year that you’ll do a much better job the next year, put them away properly with our Christmas decoration storage tips.organization strategies

• Wrap delicate ornaments individually with newspaper, or leftover wrapping paper to avoid breakage.

• With artificial trees, use a storage bag or bin that’s large enough to keep all the pieces together for easy assembly the following year.

• Take the time to label storage boxes that have your holiday items in them. This helps you find your favourite decorations easily.

• Place unused rolls of wrapping paper in a tall laundry hamper.

• For long strings of Christmas lights, you can use a garden hose reel to help keep light bulbs from getting tangled or broken.

• Use a sewing storage kit or a tackle box to store hangers, hooks and replacement Xmas light bulbs.

If you take the extra half hour to properly store your Christmas decorations, you can save yourself a lot of time the following year when you dig everything up again. It can also save you money. Instead of rushing out to buy lights that have been broken due to bad storage, you can re-use your strings of lights year after year. For more helpful tips and tricks for your home, browse through the rest of our real estate blog! Our team of local realtors in Hamilton, Burlington and Waterdown work hard to provide readers with the most up-to-date and relevant information.

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