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Where to Invest in Real Estate in Ontario

Wednesday January 30, 2019

Buying a Home

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One of the keys to investing in real estate is knowing where to start and where to look. If you start with the right areas, and partner with the local experts, you can build a portfolio that is better suited to your future.

The fact is that Ontario is growing, with people coming from across the globe to make their homes right here. That’s why, as an investor, you’ve likely considered some of the places where your dollar can really work for you.

Do you need to know where to invest in real estate in Ontario? Let’s give you a brief rundown of where you should be considering:

Burlington & Area

Whether it’s the crime rate, employment opportunities, home prices or public transportation, Burlington often finds itself at the top of many lists when compared to other markets in Ontario. The truth is that this area is incredibly convenient, especially for commuters heading into Toronto, and is the picture of growth as the “Golden Horseshoe” of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) grows.

Investing in Burlington is investing in a waterfront city that is putting serious work into making its mark as the destination. Close to nature, growing with numerous new businesses, and primed for development (in the form of new homes, communities, and condominiums). Burlington is here, and it’s making its mark.  

Just north of Burlington, the community of Waterdown is a great opportunity to invest in an on-the-rise location. Given its own proximity to the 403, it’s easy to see why this area is ready to break out, too. As more and more commuters seek out bedroom communities west of larger cities, newer subdivisions and developments will bolster communities like these.

The same applies for the larger community of Flamborough. While currently comprised mostly of large, and more rural, properties, this is another area that shines because of its potential and area highlights. Playing off the presence of Highway 6, with access to the cities of Guelph and the Kitchener-Waterloo corridor, the potential here is fantastic.

Hamilton & Area

There’s no denying that Hamilton is growing, and the city’s hip culture and general affordability has made it ground zero for urban homebuyers. In recent years, the city’s has truly enjoyed a rare influx of buyers who are contributing their own sense of civic pride and entrepreneurial spirit to the area.

Whether it’s in the Downtown Core or on the mountain, Hamilton provides a wealth of affordable homes that are attracting buyers of all types. At the same time, the entire area is being reimagined with new buildings and pre-construction projects looking to rapidly redesign the face of the Hamilton (and the skyline, too).

If you’re thinking about where to invest in real estate in Ontario, Hamilton is a great place to start. Beyond that, though, it is also helpful to consider the other communities of Ancaster and Dundas. Whether you are looking for yourself or to make an investment, the variety of homes here (from historic homes to newer builds), make this area attractive for all sorts of reasons.

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Interested in learning more? Our neighbourhood price guides can give you a comprehensive view into each market, so that you can start making more informed real estate decisions today. Learn more about them by clicking here.