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Location Vs. Size: Do Home Buyers Have to Compromise?

Friday March 15, 2019

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Trying to decide between buying a spacious home and living in a great location? The good news is, you don’t have to choose.

If you’re a die-hard Torontonian, you may be hesitant to consider homes outside the limits of your beloved city. There’s a common misconception that home buyers have two options: purchase a small living space in a wonderful neighbourhood, or buy more square footage in a less desirable area. According to this line of thinking, living outside of Toronto is always a compromise. We couldn’t disagree more.

If you’re torn between a bigger house or better location, never fear. By choosing one of the vibrant communities outside of Ontario’s largest city, you can experience the best of both worlds. Here are a few reasons why you should consider expanding your search beyond Toronto’s borders.

You can maintain an exciting lifestyle

If you think life outside of Toronto is dull, think again. More and more, home buyers are viewing places like Hamilton and Burlington as viable alternatives—and for good reason. Whether you’re looking for buzzworthy restaurants, vibrant nightlife or unique shopping hotspots, these cities have you covered.

In Hamilton, grab a drink on Augusta Street, see some live music at a local venue or check out a world-class restaurant (our favourites include The French and Berkeley North). If you’re a shopper, CF Lime Ridge Mall offers 815,000 square feet of retail bliss, while the boutiques on Locke Street and James Street North are always unique. Burlington has just as much to offer—from the pitch-perfect dishes at Paradiso or Martini House to the over 150 retailers at Mapleview Centre.

It’s worth noting that communities like Dundas, Ancaster and Waterdown are just a few short minutes away from these lively city centres. They offer plenty of peace and quiet, yet they’re still incredibly close to the action.

The commute isn’t bad

When it comes to the bigger-house-or-better-location debate, commute times are one of the most important considerations. Luckily, there’s no shortage of fantastic local communities that are just a short drive from Toronto. Both Hamilton and Burlington are about an hour away (with the latter sitting just a little bit closer to the region’s megacity). Communities like Dundas and Ancaster offer similarly quick commutes. That’s pretty impressive, given that it can sometimes take just as long (if not longer) to get from one end of Toronto to the other.

To travel back and forth easily, simply take Highway 403 or Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW). You can even catch the Go Train, since there are stops in both Hamilton and Burlington.

You can get a great price

Let’s face it: for many home buyers, purchasing a house in central Toronto just isn’t an option. The GTA housing market is notoriously pricey—so much so that many home hunters can’t afford a condo, let alone a single-family home.

Burlington, Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster and Waterdown are all very popular places to settle down. Your dollars will go further in these communities than they ever could in Toronto. That’s something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a sizeable backyard, spacious kitchen or extra guest bedroom.

So, do you need to compromise?

It’s true that some home buyers won’t ever see themselves living outside of Toronto. But as far as we’re concerned, choosing a beautiful, lively and affordable community that’s not far from the GTA is a win-win. Are you ready to explore your options?

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