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The Mancave: Showcase it or Lose it When Selling?

Sunday October 13, 2019

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Definition: A man cave can be defined as a room, space, or area that is reserved for a male individual to be away from the rest of the household. In the man cave, the male individual usually works and involves himself in certain activities without the interruption and interference from other members of the household.
basement man cave

It is a relatively new term in the real estate industry. You can build it in many different places – the basement, the garage, or in any spare room in the home. It can entail pool tables, a bar, its own home theatre system, whatever your family prefers. If you have children, especially boys, you can place all their instruments and toys here to keep them busy.

So you’ve decided to sell your home. You have a man cave in your home and are wondering whether you should showcase it with your home or simply lose it. This blog post will help guide you in your decision making process.


A Mancave can be as creative as you want it to be. As previously stated, it can be a recreation room that your husband uses to play pool with his buddies. It can also be a tool room in the garage he uses to build stuff for the home. These undoubtedly add values to a home and can attract interested home buyers. Often young home buyers have many ideas about what they want in their home. Unfortunately, they don’t know if they have the space for it. By including the mancave, you’re helping them visualize what their life will be inside this spacious home.


Your decision to showcase or lose your man cave depends on what it is used for. The more confined the space is, the harder it will be for you and your family to sell the home to a larger demographic. For single guys, this is one of the top things they look for. Then again, you’re limiting yourself to a specific demographic and not many single males can afford homes on their own, especially if the asking price is over $1 million.

Making a decision to showcase or lose a mancave is not an easy one; it should be an informed decision that you are comfortable making. Whatever you decide, it’s important to ensure that the other places in the home are well-equipped and in good condition and they include bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets.

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