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Monday January 23, 2017

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By: Tina Roberts


People that know me, say that I am in the Business of Moving-literally! I have moved 17 times in my life, and I have all the tips to save you time and money on closing day. The most important tip was given to me by the Johnnie T Melia Moving Company and it is to call your Mortgage Broker to qualify for Bridge Financing. You can stagger the closing dates so that you are not moving on the same day that the other homeowners are moving out. This will ensure a more relaxed move. Here are some additional tips!

  1. Buy and Sell with the Woolcott Team and use our Moving Truck (Terms & Conditions Apply). You will have to hire 3 movers separately but the major cost is usually the truck.
  2. Start packing as soon as you know you’re moving. With Woolcott, we supply you with some moving boxes, at no charge, as well as a Moving Checklist. Start with going room to room and packing the items you will not need until after you move.
  3. Purge, purge, purge! If you have not used the item in the past year, you may not really need it. Don’t pay to move what you don’t need. There are tons of buy & sell groups online that will pick up your items for sale or you can give them away for free. Garage Sales, Value Village, Shelters or Donation Centres appreciate anything they get. It feels great too!
  4. Shop around! If you plan on hiring a moving company, get 3 quotes and ask for references of some clients who have recently moved. Make sure you interview in the very early stages of your move because you will have the greater chance of them being available on moving day. Friday’s and end of the month are the busiest and most common day for moving. Some companies have cheaper rates for Monday-Thursday moves.
  5. If you are moving from an Apartment or moving to one, book the service elevator in advance. There is nothing worse than not having an elevator on moving day. Some buildings will not allow you to use the stairs or the regular elevator due to fire hazards. It almost happened to me…Don’t get stuck in this situation. Trust me!
  6. When packing the boxes, try labelling the box by the room it goes in. Then have it numbered. Have a journal handy that states all the contents of “Box 1”. This tip has saved me so many times when I need to find something after it has been packed.
  7. A few years ago, I came across a service that had 2 people come to your home and pack for you. I used them in 2 of my moves and they were very organized and fast! They are paid by the hour. I would highly recommend this for seniors!
  8. On the day of the move, start early. Late starts can affect the movers and they will charge overtime.
  9. Be ready when the movers arrive. Ensure that all small items are packed up and everything is unplugged. Use bins so that you can add or take out items as needed. Pick up bins whenever they are on sale before the move!
  10. Have the cars packed up with small items (especially plants) or items you will need right away so they won’t be in the way of the movers. Ensure the cars are not in the driveway on moving day. The movers will need to park there and if they have to wait, you are already starting your day late. If you know they will need room on the road, make sure it’s available for them.
  11. If you’re moving in winter, ensure walkways and driveways are clear of ice and sufficiently salted to avoid any accidents.
  12. Disconnect all appliances and ensure hoses have been emptied to avoid leaks and soiling.
  13. Save some time by having all yard equipment closer to the front. Either in the garage or on the sides of the home.
  14. To save more time, place all bins/boxes from the basement up to the garage or main floor of the home.
  15. Disassemble large items and place all little pieces in ziplock bags/containers taped to the item. This includes all the beds in the home.
  16. Take the legs off large tables and strap together.
  17. Try to have the main door for moving taken off its hinges.
  18. Take a few minutes to go through the house with the movers to discuss what is being moved and any furniture of concern.
  19. Be available to answer all questions for the movers for the whole day. Otherwise, good luck finding everything and risk of re-moving items throughout the house is your next challenge.
  20. If you have young children, this is when you need a babysitter or to call on family for help. This is a very stressful day all around and I am sure they would rather have a day of fun!
  21. Check the house thoroughly before leaving. Once the movers close up the truck, they move on.
  22. Ensure someone is at the new house to greet and direct the movers. Nothing worse for movers, than waiting to do the work or not know where to put your items. If they have to rush to make up time, things can go wrong.
  23. Use wardrobe cartons and luggage to pack up your clothes.


In short, don’t wait until the last minute-be organized. Ask family and friends for help with packing/unpacking. Hire a professional to clean the home & shampoo the carpets in both the home you’re leaving and the one you are moving to. Lastly, if you list with The Woolcott Team, you will want to “Pack Before You Call”!


Tina Roberts is a Sales Representative with RE/MAX Escarpment Woolcott Realty Imc., Brokerage.  She has been selling real estate in this area since 1997, and is an accomplished Member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. Tina is very experienced in Residential Sales and offers specialized knowledge from Starter Home to the Forever Home.