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New siding can increase the value of your home

Wednesday December 11, 2013

Home Renovations

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Vinyl Siding

Tired of looking at your old house? It might be time to consider an upgrade and increase it’s value at the same time. Having the home you always dreamed about is within your grasp. Your home can be neglected with faded color and peeling paint and your home can be transformed into one of the best homes around.

It just needs a new outer shell that can be provided by colourful and practically maintenance-free vinyl siding. Vinyl siding colours are plentiful, so it’s easy to find one that will be suitable. Your home can be refreshed and the cost will not send you reeling.

Vinyl siding is easily installed over brick, as well as concrete and wood. Vinyl siding provides a modern look and an extra layer of insulation around your entire home. It usually doesn’t take long, if professionally done.

You can make your old home look brand new and shiny with new siding. All of your home will have the same bold colors you select and your window and door trim can be matched as well. The value of your old home will rocket and if you ever decide to sell your house, you will receive higher offers for it.

You may be wondering, why put up vinyl siding versus aluminum siding? There are plenty of good reasons to choose vinyl over aluminum, but the final decision is yours. Vinyl siding is made of a continuous molded plastic material and has a thickness from 0.040 to 0.046 inches generally. Aluminum siding is a continuously formed material that is approximately 0.019 cm thick typically.

Vinyl siding is manufactured in a solid color, while aluminum siding is finished with baked enamel paint. This means that the color remains fixed, even when scratched.

Not so, however, with aluminum siding. The paint is baked on so if scratched aluminum siding will peel leaving a shiny bare metal finish free. You have the option, but your home will look newer and have a higher value when completed with vinyl siding. It will also provide extra warmth and comfort you’ll enjoy.

Your neighbours will not believe the difference they see in your home, and you might not even believe it’s the same house yourself. Efficient, modern and elegant, new siding will give your home a personal touch and feel it had when it was first built. You have much to gain from installing new siding, and new image that it gives your house is amazing.

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