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Woolcott Real Estate’s Private Collection

For homeowners who appreciate a little discretion, Woolcott Real Estate is pleased to offer our Private Collection service to ensure that selling your home isn’t the talk of your block.

Access to Active Buyers

Our team is often working with between 50 to 100 buyers at a time. This provides us with the exciting opportunity to match our motivated buyers with your home – resulting in convenient and quiet private home sales.

Here’s what you can expect as part of joining our Private Collection:

  • Optimal Advertising – Your home joins our catalogue of exclusive real estate listings, with access provided only to those working with Woolcott Real Estate.
  • Complete Discretion – Your home becomes our best-kept secret. We canvas our database to find the perfect buyer for your home, without the signs, the listing on MLS, or the traditional advertising methods.
  • Total Control – You have the option to be as in charge of your sale as you like. You get to determine how much, or how little, exposure your home gets (address, location, it’s entirely up to you).

Sell Your Home, Without the Neighbourhood Knowing

Contact us today to learn more about how we handle private homes sales and join our Private Collection.