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5 Tips for Buying a Bungalow

Monday October 28, 2019

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With many different types of housing options available in today’s real estate market, bungalows are often overlooked. However, these single-story homes offer plenty of advantages that may have you looking twice at buying a bungalow you see that’s for sale!

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Greater Accessibility

Because they are built on only one story, bungalows are the perfect layout solution for home buyers with reduced mobility. Due to the lack of stairs, people with joint issues or breathing problems do not have to constantly struggle with moving throughout a bungalow. In addition, interiors are highly customizable; for example, features like doorways can be altered to more easily accommodate a wheelchair.

Bungalows Offer a Larger Parcel of Land

Because of the nature of the bungalow’s foundation, the overall property size is normally larger than a more conventional home. Having more land comes with more options to extend or remodel a bungalow in the future. You could even add a second story in future if desired – and if planning permits are approved.

Because bungalows are often detached or semi-detached, residents often have more privacy than others. Planting shrubs and trees around the property can help create even more privacy. Keep in mind that since all rooms are on one floor, some bedrooms or bathrooms may be more visible than usual.

Bungalows Offer Open Plan Living

It’s surprising what a home can be transformed into by knocking out a wall or two! Because of the reduced number of supporting walls found within a bungalow, open plan living becomes more possible. Open plans are amazing at creating a light, airy space. An open plan not only works great as a family home, but also for a home that doubles as a design studio or simply for a family that wants more flexibility with their home’s design.

Renovation Options within Bungalows

If you’d like to add on to the current size that is offered in a bungalow, consider completing a renovation. Ensuring planning permission is available is especially crucial if you are planning on buying a bungalow with the intent of already extending or rebuilding.

Some Considerations when Buying a Bungalow

If interested in purchasing a bungalow, keep in mind that they are typically more expensive than other options, considering the cost per square metre. This is because their one storey structure offers fewer rooms for the same size plot. In addition, since their windows are easier to reach, security protection should be considered when purchasing this type of home.

Because of the high cost to floor space ration, bungalows will likely have fewer rooms and storage space than conventional homes. However, if you have no problem with fewer ‘spare rooms’ that can be converted into guest rooms or offices, bungalows are still a great option!

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