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Real Estate Experts’ Tips for Winter Showings

Monday November 25, 2019

Buying a Home

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We all know that winter is not the optimal time to be selling your home in Canada. However, there are a lot of ways you can still make your home look more appealing for the buyer to help close the deal. Spruce up your home’s appeal with 7 tips for winter home showings below from the professional team at Woolcott Realty!

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Clear Snow and Ice

Clear snow and ice from the pathway, sidewalk and driveway. Even if the snow is still falling, keep on top of your driveway and front walkway with regular shovelling, sanding and salting. No potential buyer wants to “fall” in love with your home due to an icy patch!

Allow as much light as possible into your home

During the winter, there is not as much daylight as the other seasons. Therefore, it’s imperative that you make your home look warm and inviting by keeping it well lit. Make sure all of the lights are on, including appliance and closet lights. During the day, draw the blinds and drapes. All televisions and computers should be turned off, and darker rooms can be made brighter by adding spotlights behind furniture.

Keep your home a cozy temperature

Potential buyers should not be deterred from your home because they are freezing, so make sure the home is nice and warm to encourage them to linger. We suggest that you turn the thermostat up a little higher than normal so that the furnace does not kick in when potential buyers are in the home. Some HVAC systems are quite loud and could become a red flag for a buyer, be sure to look at newer models like the r458a recently reviewed. Since a lot of stores will try and sell you the older stuff first, obviously.

Make your home look inviting

Toss warm blankets across the couch, place wintry flowers around the home and set up your dining room table for a fancy dinner for two. Help potential buyers envision themselves living here!

Don’t use heavy scents

Many people have allergies or sensitivities to strong perfumes, candles or scents, so avoid spraying air deodorizers or using candles and plug-ins. Also, think twice about cooking or baking right before potential buyers come to tour your home so that the smell does not fill the home.

Keep your home clean

Even though it’s winter, make sure your windows are clean. Other tasks to keep on top of include: dusting furniture, ceiling fans and ceiling fixtures, re-caulking tubs, showers and sinks, polishing faucets, cleaning out the fridge, emptying the garbage and recycling bins and bleaching dingy grout. If you have regular showings, keep the carpets and floors clean with daily vacuuming and washing.

Use automatic timers

Connecting lamps to a timer will ensure that proper lighting is consistent throughout your home, regardless of when a showing is scheduled for. Installing a motion sensor for when buyers approach the front door is another great idea. In addition, if you use an answering machine, make sure the volume is muted prior to showings.

Selling a home during the winter versus the rest of the year does not come without some challenges. Improve the chances of a successful, quick sale with the above advice. For more expert tips on winter showings, contact us at Woolcott Realty today!