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Update on Packer – Our Sponsor Dog!

Thursday July 18, 2019

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The Woolcott Team is sponsoring Packer, a service dog-in-training with National Service Dogs (NSD)!

The furry addition to the team is just shy of seven months old and is seeing great strides in her development.

“Packer is a total rockstar in her training,” says Lynne Davidson, fundraising coordinator, NSD.

“She attends weekly puppy classes and is not only showing strong skills, but is also super confident. Packer also goes to school with her puppy raiser and to her raisers school placement.”

Packer will be living with her puppy raiser for approximately 11 more months before returning to NSD for puppy university, or advanced training.

The Woolcott Team is proud to sponsor Packer as she moves through her training.

“The obvious answer was yes when the opportunity came up to work with Packer throughout her training journey,” says Drew Woolcott, broker of record, Re/Max Escarpment Woolcott Realty Inc.

“National Service Dogs is an extraordinary organization providing such a necessary service to children and adults from coast-to-coast,” continues Woolcott. “For over 23 years, the organization has been making a tremendous difference in countless lives for no charge, and we are happy to support them in any way they can.”

Once training is complete, Packer will be paired with an NSD client at around 2 years old.

“We’re going to follow Packer’s progression from pup to fully-trained service or companion dog, and sharing in print and on our social media channels. We really think the Burlington, Waterdown and Hamilton community will enjoy watching her grow up.”

Woolcott and his team will also be sharing information about National Service Dogs throughout the training period.

“There is such a need for these service dogs across Canada and North America, so much so that the demand far outweighs NSD’s ability to provide dogs,” says Woolcott. “We’re hoping that by partnering with this amazing program, we’ll be able to spread awareness and help more people in need.

To learn more information about NSD and its programs, please visit

To follow along Packer’s journey, please follow The Woolcott Team on Instagram @the_woolcott_team.