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5 Things to Look for in a Family Home

Wednesday December 23, 2020


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Once you have children—or begin planning for them–the world around you starts to look a little different. The cozy home you live in suddenly starts to feel cramped, you notice how busy the street outside really is, and carrying a stroller up and down flights of stairs isn’t the workout you were hoping for.

As you begin your search for a more suitable family home, here are five things you should look for…

1) The Right Neighbourhood

With or without children, the right neighbourhood can make all the difference. Once you have a family, your lifestyle will likely change even more. You may want to find a neighbourhood in a highly-rated school district. Communities with plenty of parks and recreational amenities will keep the family entertained and active. Or, you may want to live close to family and friends who can visit or help out when need be.

2) The Right Layout

With children comes the need for not only more space, but the right kind of space. Of course, you’ll need more bedrooms, but also keep an eye out for homes with plenty of storage options and space to play indoors. An open-concept living room/kitchen layout is often ideal for keeping an eye on younger kids, with some closed-off spaces for greater privacy as they get older.

3) Parking

Finding street parking may not have been a pain before, but it will likely become more inconvenient with kids in tow. Another consideration is the number of vehicles you have. It may be just one right now, but consider the possibility that you’ll purchase another one—and the type of parking that would best suit your needs.

4) Flexibility

Whether this is your forever home or your for-right-now home, it’s always best to plan for the future. Will there be space to grow the family if you have another child? Is it still going to work for you if you decide to get a pet? Where will visitors stay? Homes with basements—whether they’re finished or not—offer great potential for growth. If the lot and city allow, you can also look into building an addition onto the home you’re interested in purchasing.

5) Outdoor Space

This year has proven just how valuable outdoor space is—especially when you have children. It comes in all shapes and sizes; you could consist of a fenced-in backyard, a park within walking distance, some nearby trails to explore, or all of the above. Finding the solution that fits your lifestyle is key.

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