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6 Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

Tuesday November 5, 2019

Interior Design

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Open concept cozy living room with lots of natural light.Increasing the natural light in your home offers so many positive benefits. Bringing sunlight in helps to enhance the welcoming atmosphere inside your home, improve your mood, help you wake up in the morning, allow for better interior photography and even help it sell!

We’ve gathered our six most effective tips to help you increase the natural light inside your home, which is especially important if you’re planning to sell!

1. An Open-Concept Layout

Start by removing any clutter or furniture that’s blocking light from entering through your windows. This includes larger plants, bookcases, desks and other bulky furniture. Try moving them to the other side of the room and replacing with floating shelves or lower furniture instead.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors can offer both function and style to just about any home. Not only are they great for checking your hair before you head off to work in the morning, they can also help a room appear bigger and help enhance natural light. This includes pieces of furniture or décor that are made of glass or are reflective in any way. When they catch sunlight, they become a source of the light themselves and help distribute it throughout the room.

Most often, mirrors are effective when placed on walls that are facing either east or west. Every house is different, so pay attention to where the light hits in your home and play around with positioning until the light is just right.

3. Lightweight Curtains

Thick or dark curtains can be very effective for when you want to sleep in or reduce a draft coming from the window, but not so much when you’re trying to create a light and bright atmosphere. Instead, opt for black-out shades that can be rolled down before you go to bed, and rolled back up in the morning.

For the living room, dining room or other social areas of your home, go for lighter curtains or blinds that can be retracted when necessary.

4. Refresh the Paint and Colour

As warm and cozy as those darker navy and brown tones may feel, they absorb the natural light that makes it into the room. Lighter colours such as white, grey and cream act as a reflector and distribute light more evenly.

Lightening up colours goes beyond paint, and includes carpets, rugs, wall paint, décor, throw blankets and pillows ¾ even the colour of your couch. As for the floors, you can’t go wrong with polished wood, tile or stone floors to help reflect the light and really brighten up the room!

5. Update Your Doors

Do you have a solid front or back door?

A solid door won’t let much, if any, light into your home. Swapping the door can help enhance the natural light in your home while boosting the value at the same time. Doors with glass panels, frosted glass or fragmented glass might be the right solution for you. Plus, most modern doors are crafted using high-grade security glass, so you can rest assured that your home is safe.

6. Install a Skylight

Nothing says luxury quite like a skylight! Skylights are great for letting natural light into your home from above, while giving you an opportunity to gaze up at the sky at night. Depending on your home, the location of the skylight, where you live, and other factors, a skylight installation could cost as low as $400.

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