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How To Stand Out In A Changing Market

Thursday May 12, 2022

Selling your Home

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If you’ve consumed any mainstream media recently, I’m sure you know real estate is still a super-hot topic. Housing prices have soared at an astounding rate since 2020, and more people than ever before have been trying to buy a home.

But, the market is changing, something I know many people have been waiting for. As more inventory starts to becomes available for buyers and new legislation comes into place around interest rates, there a few things savvy homeowners should keep in mind if thinking of selling.

At Woolcott Real Estate, we’ve spent years honing our skills on selling homes in any market – including tough ones (remember 2017?). Here is how we recommend standing out from the competition.

Create Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is so important. With the increase in temperatures, it is a must to have the exterior of your home completely tidied up and showing ready. Take down old planters from the front porch, edge and mulch gardens, and bring in fresh florals to brighten up the exterior of the home. This will help to pique buyers’ interest, whether they are driving by or seeing your home online for the very first time.

What has been happening in the market lately? Here are some of our most recent posts:

Inside Refresh

A deep clean is the first step and extremely important but you also want to ensure your home fits the season. Ensure all winter décor is away and replaced with a fresh, neutral colour palette. Put away the heavy faux fur throws and cable knit blankets, and replace them with lighter fabrics, such as cotton or linen. And, if you’ve sacrificed a few houseplants to the winter season (I know I have), replace them with new greenery to give your home a little extra life.

Talk to an experienced real estate agent.

The real estate market in Burlington and Hamilton has experienced ebbs and flows the past couple years, and with that, pricing homes has become an art and a science. An experienced real estate agent, will monitors sales and listings and is a valuable resource in getting the price right when listing a home for sale. Plus, when a home is priced just right, it typically sells faster – and for more money.

There are many other factors involved in generating the most money when selling your home. If you want to know more, reach out to Woolcott Real Estate today.

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