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Time flies when you’re having fun and that’s why it’s no secret how quickly your home can start to look dated.  When you are selling your home, you really want to showcase something that looks relatively modern.  Sure, in some sense a classical look is fine for a home, as long as it’s elegant, but fad styles for homes, can make the interior of your home feel awkward, like that mullet you had, or those shoulder pads you housed in your high school pictures.

In a previous blog, we talked about how you can update the curb appeal of your home for a reasonable sum of money.  Similarily, there’s a lot of quick and affordable solutions to breath some fresh life into you r home.  Here are a few tips on how to make a little update go a long way.

 Update your Home Lighting

Older light fittings will instantly your house.  Take out those glaring halogens, and add more subtle lighting to change the feel of your room.  Another consideration is to take down any ugly curtains (if it has pineapples, or tropical fruit on it, maybe burn it, or find someplace where you can bury it six feet in the ground, where it will never see the light of day again).  Opening up window space, lets a lot of natural light in.making your home seem more like a place someone wants to live, rather than a crypt.

Wooden Floors never go out of Style

Wooden floors are also a great way to keep your home looking modern. With this said, we’re not suggesting you rip up all your carpet should there be hardwood underneath, but if you have, lets say, plenty of shag carpet about, maybe it’s not such a bad idea. If your carpet is dingy, and full of pet stains, dirt and dust, consider having a professional service clean it.  Hardware has a natural look that never goes out of style, and people just love it.  If your hardwood is battered like a western saloon’s dance floor, you can always fix it up by staining it, or sanding out any scratches.  You also have the option of replacing any hardwood pieces that are far beyond repair.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

A final affordable tip is giving the inside of your home a fresh coat of paint.  You want to stick with friendly colours that don’t clash.  White is always a good option, as it opens up rooms, and while boring, it does not invoke negative feelings.

Modernizing your Home

Bringing your home up to date doesn’t mean following the latest fads, or emulating a celebrity home you saw on TV.  Bringing your house up to date is more about giving it a timeless appeal.  You want your home to look like a place anyone can image themselves living in.  So let the natural sunlight in, clean the carpets, sweep your wooden floor, and make sure your walls are painted and clean.

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