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What to expect when you’re expecting… house guests! The key to a great guest room is to provide all the comforts that they would expect to find at home, but with a personal touch. As a host, it’s your responsibility to fill your guest room with both soul, love and comfort. Here are a few great tips to make the perfect guest room or in-law room.

Functional Closet

A closet isn’t of much use without any hangers, so don’t forget to supply a dozen or so hangers for your guests. Another great idea is put simple hooks on the wall or behind a closet door for coats, scarves or bags. Stock the closet full of useful items as well, like clean towels, fresh bedding and a robe.

Provide Privacy

Part of making your guests feel at home is providing adequate privacy. Make sure the windows have curtains or blinds, so the neighbourhood can’t see everything that is going on in the room. Also, make sure the door can close tightly, dampening any sound that might interfere with a good night’s sleep. You might even want to consider adding a TV with cable or a DVD player. That way, if your guests would like to spend some time by themselves, there is a source of entertainment. Don’t forget to leave a working remote with fresh batteries!


Mirrors are an important necessity for any bedroom or bathroom. Men need a few seconds to check their hair to ensure their bed head is under control. Women, on the other hand, need to do their hair, makeup, as well as make sure their outfit works well with their shoes. We all take mirrors for granted until they are gone, then we’re just never sure if we have anything stuck in our teeth.

Small Gestures

A little gesture can go a long way. Consider leaving a welcome note on the nightstand, or putting a flower arrangement on an end table. Give your guest room an intimate look with some decorations such as a small shelf full of vintage books, or a few paintings to hang on the wall. A non-overwhelming air freshener is another idea for making your guests feel welcome.

Well-Stocked Bathrooms

If the guest room has a separate bathroom, be certain to keep it stocked with lots of extra toilet paper and tissues.  Sometimes little emergencies happen, you know.  Also provide a few simple things like toothbrushes, floss, hand moisturizer, soap, female hygienic products, and hand towels.

Creating the perfect guest room will make your guests feel right at home when they come to visit you. Keeping your guest room clean will also give you lots of practice for when you have to stage your home for sale.

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