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Let’s consider that you have sold your home, and your move is going to take place right in the middle of winter in Southern Ontario. While winter means freezing temperatures and plenty of snow to make the process challenging, we offer several tips we’ve learned from experienced movers to help your winter move go smoothly:

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1. Confirm details with your movers.

Moving in winter can be smart because it is considered the off time for moving companies. You should have a wider range of dates available to choose among, but be sure to check with your movers at least one week before the move because winter weather can be unpredictable. If you’re concerned that nasty incoming weather is going to hinder your move, call the moving company and discuss a delay if possible.

2. Cover your floors.

With all the slush and dirt that winter brings, make sure your house stays clean by protecting your carpet and hardwood floors while people are tromping in and out. If your movers do not supply floor coverings, purchase a couple of tarps from the nearest hardware store and lay floor mats down at every outside door.

3. Turn the heat off.

Remember to turn the heat down while the move is taking place because with people going in and out of the house all day as your furnace will be working hard to try to heat the house. All of that warm air will go straight out the door, causing your heating bill to rise.

4. Heat your bathroom.

If you do decide to turn the heat off in the house, run a space heater in the main floor bathroom and keep that door closed. This location will provide you with some much needed warmth when you need to freshen up.

5. Board your pets.

Now is not the time to have your dogs underfoot while the movers are trying to get your belongings out of the house. Check with your local boarders and make arrangements for your four footed friends to have a warm, cozy place to stay a day before and while the move is taking place.

6. Clear the sidewalks and driveways.

Be sure to shovel and salt the walkways and/or driveway so the movers will be safe. You don’t want anyone slipping and falling, or pulling a muscle, especially when it’s preventable.

7. Check the utilities at the new house.

There is nothing worse than moving into your new home with no heat and lights during a winter move. Contact the utilities well in advance to make sure that everything is turned on and working before you start moving.

8. Keep winter clothing with you.

Make sure that you keep some extra clothing layers, like coats, snow boots, hats, gloves, scarves, and blankets in the car. You never know when the extra layers will come in handy.


Moving in the winter months doesn’t have to be as hard if you have a little forethought and consideration for all the people involved. You can still make it the best day despite the winter weather.

When you work with Woolcott, we’ll make certain that you are prepared for your move no matter what season you buy or sell your home. With locations in Burlington, Waterdown and Dundas Ontario, our team of professionals are ready to serve you.

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