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Top 10 “Must Have” Home Buyer Requests

Friday October 18, 2019


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You’ve dreamt about it, and now you are finally doing it. You are out and about shopping for that new and perfect home. If you are like most home buyers, you probably have a checklist of what you’d like to see in your ideal home.


Open Concept Modern Kitchen

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular requests we hear in new home features:


    1. Open Concept homes – Even if our budget doesn’t allow us to have the biggest home, we don’t want our homes to feel small either. Open concept homes in which one room flows seamlessly into the next are highly popular.


    1. Outdoor Living spaces – We know that getting outdoors is good for us, and we want to do more of it. Having a nice deck or patio is nice, but why not have a complete outdoor living space with a fireplace or pergola?


    1. Modern kitchens – An outdated kitchen straight from the 70s isn’t very attractive to most home buyers. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, they want this room to be both attractive and functional. Features like natural stone countertops, custom cabinets and the latest in appliances are very desirable.


    1. Smart growth – newer communities are being planned around having certain amenities that are attractive to home buyers. These include walking and bicycle paths, playgrounds and parks.


    1. Green homes – Whether you’re a diehard environmentalist or just don’t want to pay a fortune on your energy bills, new home buyers want homes that are energy efficient. EnerGuide for Homes is a system that rates homes according to how energy efficient they are.


    1. Lots of storage – No one wants a cluttered looking home, so having lots of storage space in the form of closets, cabinets and shelving is key for storing your stuff. Walk-in and California style closets especially are near the top of my buyers’ wish lists.


    1. Energy efficient fixtures and appliances – from high-efficiency HVAC systems to front end loading washers and LED lighting, there are all kinds of ways that homeowners can save energy – and money – with their appliances. If you are having issues with your HVAC units contact Frederick Air Conditioning and Heating to come out and fix it.


    1. Two car garage with work and storage space – Since many families have at least two vehicles, it is only natural that they want a garage that can accommodate at least two cars. Not only that, they want extra room in their garage to use as a work space or for additional storage.


    1. Room for an in-home office – More and more people today are telecommuting and even if they’re not, there is a good chance that they are bringing work home with them. That’s why it is common for buyers to look for homes that have room to include an office with direct access to the outside.


  1. A yard – Some people see a big yard as just one more thing to take care of in a home – but others see it as a “must have”. Whether they want a yard so their children (or pets) have room to play or because they are avid gardeners, a yard is a feature that often makes the list.

These are just a few of the requests we hear from people who are shopping for a new home, and you may have other “must haves” on your list. But whatever you’re looking for, we’d love to have the challenge of helping you find it! If you are ready to begin your house buying journey in the Burlington area, contact Woolcott Realty, or take a look at our active house listings.

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