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Top Landscaping Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Sunday October 20, 2019

Curb Appeal

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The time has finally come for deciding to sell your home. Any good realtor will tell you that it takes a bit of work to get your home in tip-top shape for attracting potential buyers. One of the most important aspects of attracting potential buyers is sprucing up your outside landscaping to improve your home’s curb appeal. You could also hire someone from to do the landscaping for you.

nicely landscaped front yard


The front of your home is the first thing that home buyers see, so you want to create the best first impression possible before they enter your home.  Surveys show that landscaping determines whether your home feels inviting and this is money well spent. Seventy-one percent of potential buyers say that curb appeal has a tremendous influence on their decision making process when choosing a house. So as soon as you managed to put all interion cleanup on Katy TX maid service from Ready Set Maids – start the “magic” on exterior. If the outside of your home is clean, neat, tidy and attractive, the impression will carry over that the inside of the house is likely the same.

Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook revitalizing their outside landscaping in preparation for the sales process, but this can prove to be a costly mistake. A home with an attractive and well-maintained landscape will add value to your home and contribute as much as 10 percent of its worth.  When you consider that your home is probably the biggest investment you own, the return on investment is something you seriously want to encourage to maximize its full potential.

About one month prior to showing your home, you should start the cleanup of the property.

By getting a head start before the commencement of the interior showcase, you ought to have enough time to get things in order. You want the exterior of your home to look just right before the next phase begins.

Here are some top landscaping tips that will help you sell your home:

  1. Your cleanup should include removing dead branches, dog droppings, weeds or anything that might be broken. You should add to the list cleaning downspouts, so they’re functional and water doesn’t pool. Take a good hard look at your hard-scapes, such as patios, walkways and fences to make sure that they’re level and roots haven’t pushed up through the sidewalks or patio stones. Check your deck for any wobbly railings or loose steps and fix them. If your patio needs to be replaced hire patio construction LA company.
  2. Your landscaping should pull potential buyers eyes to the front door, so dress it up with outdoor plant containers bursting with colour. Alternatively, large tropicals can add considerable appeal to the entryway or interest to any doorway where buyers are entering or exiting the house. Large plant container displays on patios add a touch of panache and demonstrate the endless possibilities for designing this area.
  3. Nothing is more refreshing and appealing to the senses than a new application of mulch around a pristine man made pond, pond installation service has improved over the years and is no longer inaccessible. Whether it’s natural, red or brown cedar and even cocoa mulch, adding a fresh layer of mulch to your garden beds makes everything pop. What’s great about mulch is that it’s inexpensive, easy to apply and creates a dramatic effect.
  4. You can create a beautiful splash colour around your property by planting seasonal colours. Plant flats of annuals and mix up the colours for a variation of eye-catching tones. Whatever fits with your house will create a stunning display of interest for potential buyers.
  5. Trim and shape any unsightly shrubs or overgrown trees for a neat and tidy look. Pruning and maintenance indicates to potential buyers that you take pride in your property and gardens as well as your home.
  6. If you happen to have a water feature, like a fountain or pond, get rid of any visible algae and remove any leaves floating in it. Clean the filters of the system so that the unit is functioning properly and the water is crystal clean.

When you’re trying to sell your home, those first impressions of the outside of your home go a long way in telling potential buyers that pride of ownership exists. It will be obvious to them that since you take such good care of the landscape around your home, the rest of your home is well worth considering.