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Why Does It Matter If My House Sells Quickly?

Tuesday January 23, 2024


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Time is almost always of the essence when it comes to selling a house. It starts with your lifestyle. You have a vision – and the faster your home sells, the sooner you can get to work making it a reality. However, the benefits of a faster sale don’t end with your personal reasons. 

The real estate market itself is built to reward speed, where houses that move quickly often earn more than those that sit too long with a “For Sale” sign out front. In this post, we’ll explore some of the reasons for this and what you can do to ensure you get stellar results when listing your own home on the market. 

Early Excitement Wins

Your best chances of earning top dollar depend on capitalizing on early interest and excitement about your listing. Think of the long lineups of eager shoppers waiting for the stores to open on Boxing Day or Black Friday. These early crowds are the best indication that the day will be a successful one. The last thing any shopkeeper wants to see is an empty parking lot. 

Although you won’t likely have to face enthusiastic crowds rushing into your house on listing day, the same principle applies. The more buzz you get from the beginning, the better. 

Are you facing challenges when selling your home? The posts below can give you some insight:

Personal Benefits of a Fast Sale

Since earning the highest possible amount is essential for most homeowners, it makes sense to want to sell quickly. However, a fast sale is even more beneficial to your personal goals and peace of mind. 

  • If you have already placed a deposit on your next home, coordinating your move will be far more streamlined and less stressful than with a long, drawn-out process.
  • You no longer need to worry about keeping your home pristine and show-worthy after you’ve accepted an offer. The disruption of open houses and in-person visits is over, which can feel as though a heavy weight is off your shoulders.
  • A fast sale leaves you empowered for future opportunities. You may even be able to make a cash offer once you find another house you love. This can be a competitive advantage if you’re moving on to purchase in a busy market where homes get snapped up quickly. 

What Happens to Homes That Languish

Generally speaking, you’ll want the phone to start ringing and people to start scheduling showings within a few days or a couple of weeks at most. You should then begin receiving offers shortly after buyers start walking through your home.

If this doesn’t happen, there can be several consequences:

  • Potential buyers might believe your home is overpriced and pass your listing by in favour of similar homes in your area. 
  • Buyers may feel emboldened to try to negotiate for a lower price when they are not up against competing offers.
  • In the worst-case scenario, your home may even develop a stigma where buyers believe you are hiding something. 
  • You may have to reduce your price in the end and potentially earn less the longer your home stays on the market.

How Long Is Too Long?

How fast can you expect your home to sell? It primarily depends on the market. If you’re listing during a fast-paced seller’s market, you might find yourself accepting an offer in a day or two. If conditions are slow, it will take longer. The key is to stay near or within the market average.

For example, if the latest statistics show the average house stays on the market for 30 days and yours sells in 20, you’re right on the money! Still, there’s no need to panic if you sell your home on day 31. On the other hand, a course correction may be necessary if it takes much longer than the average days on market.

Troubleshooting Your Home Sale

Prevention is the best remedy for a house taking too long to sell. Occasionally, there may be factors beyond your control, such as the market changing after your listing goes live or a major economic disruption. That said, it usually comes down to a flaw in the selling or marketing strategy. 

Ensure Your Price is On Point

A house that doesn’t sell almost always comes down to the price. You can avoid this error by working with a local real estate team to perform an up-to-date CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to help you determine a price point that generates excitement for your listing. 

If you need to maximize your sale in any market, the following tips can help:

Extensive Advertising

If you’re sure your price is aligned with the current market, the next thing to look at is your promotion strategy. A highly desirable house with the perfect price point still might not sell quickly if not enough people know it’s available. A comprehensive marketing campaign will help bring your listing to the attention of the most qualified buyers. 

Since most people begin house hunting online, your real estate agent will ensure you’re easy to find on the MLS ® and 

Beautiful staging and professional photography capture their attention and nudge them one step closer to an in-person visit. However, a thorough advertising strategy does not rely on online alone. Instead, complement these efforts with high-quality print materials. Everywhere your buyer looks, there your home should be. This exposure is a key component of selling your home quickly and at the best price and terms possible. 

To learn more, read, Our Full-Service Real Estate Team’s Guide to Marketing Your Home.

Be Flexible

Are you flexible with your schedule so that potential buyers can visit your home during times that work for them? Many sellers do everything right but sabotage their sale simply by not being available. Fortunately, you don’t need to be present during each and every showing. Since the potential buyer likely feels more comfortable with just the agent, it’s usually better for you not to be home. 

Arranging to be anywhere else during showings may seem inconvenient, but it could be the missing ingredient to finding the right buyer eager to make an offer on your home. With a signed agreement in hand, you can begin planning your next steps with a clean slate.

Do you have questions about buying or selling a home in today’s uncertain market? Reach out for professional guidance right here or call to connect (905) 332-9223 with our experts today.

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