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What To Do In Burlington This Summer

Wednesday July 29, 2020


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No doubt about it: COVID-19 has made this a summer unlike any other. While it’s important to continue exercising caution, we could all use some fun out of the house right about now. Luckily, there’s no shortage of things to do outdoors in Burlington. To make life easier, we’ve compiled some of the best local warm-weather activities—which you can enjoy on your own, or with the family!

Here are five fun things to do in Burlington before the summer ends…

1) Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens

Take a moment to smell the roses, wild bergamot, echinacea….you get the idea. The largest botanical gardens in Canada are right here in Burlington, and now is the time to take advantage of them. We’re talking about near 2,500 acres of nature sanctuaries, 2,300 plant species, and 27 beautiful kilometers of trail. Stroll the gorgeously-cultivated grounds of Hendrie Park in the summer sun. Check out the indigenous plants in the arboretum, or take in the sights on Cootes Paradise Trails.

2) Visit Kencliff Park

Burlington is home to many natural gems, and Kencliff Park is another must-visit. This 40-acre green space used to be a limestone quarry, but it’s now in the process of being rehabilitated. The results are stunning. Rocky vistas, marshes, wetlands—it’s all part of the unique landscape that makes up Kencliff Park! As a bonus, the area also connects directly to the Bruce Trail, making continued exploration simple.

3) Cycle the Waterfront Trail

Burlington residents have easy access to the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, a 3600-kilometre route that runs along several breathtaking lakes and rivers. The section that goes through the city splits in two at Maple Avenue and Lakeshore Road. Go south along the Beachway, and you’ll follow the lift bridge to the Hamilton Beach Recreational Trail. Choose north, and you’ll see the charming residential sights along North Shore Boulevard. Be aware that both options include some off-road sections!

4) Plan a picnic

Enjoying a picnic has to be one of our all-time favourite summertime activities. Pack up a lunch, grab the family, and head to a scenic spot to soak up some sun. If peanut butter and jam sandwiches aren’t your thing, try something a little different. At Marilu’s Market, you’ll find fresh produce, specialty deli items, baked goods, and more. Once you have your snacks, consider heading to Lasalle or Lowville Park, both of which offer designated picnic spots.

5) Check out the art

If you’re an art fan, you’re in luck. There’s a self-guided Burlington tour designed just for you! This is the perfect opportunity to learn about the city’s public art—and explore downtown at the same time. The tour, known as Art and the City, is accessible via any mobile device. Simply download the free app to get started. You can also find printed guidebooks at facilities such as the Art Gallery of Burlington, Burlington Performing Arts Centre, Burlington Public Library, and the Museums of Burlington.

In these uncertain times, we all have to get a little bit creative to enjoy the areas we call home. The good news is, Burlington is chock full of outdoor attractions that you and your family can enjoy safely. So slap on some sunscreen, throw on a hat, and start making the most of summer in the city!

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