NESTED-living in the Junction

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One of our favourite things about living in Hamilton is the incredible food scene. While we’ve written about some of the city’s top eateries before, there’s a whole lot of ground we haven’t covered. Culinary hotspots are springing up all over our little corner of the world, so we thought we’d narrow our focus to… Read more »

Dundurn Castle - Hamilton

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We’ve said it a million times, but it bears repeating: Hamilton is a great place to put down roots. For many parents who decide to move to Hamilton or raise their kids here, it’s not just the great schools and tight-knit communities that make this city the ideal place to call home. It’s also the… Read more »

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Whether it’s your first time renting or you’re moving to a different unit, there are many factors to consider when renting. While moving to a new home can be exciting, there are a few things you should do to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Justin Podmoroff, who works as a leasing specialist with The Woolcott… Read more »

Service dog in-training: Packer

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The Woolcott Team is sponsoring Packer, a service dog-in-training with National Service Dogs (NSD)! The furry addition to the team is just shy of seven months old and is seeing great strides in her development. “Packer is a total rockstar in her training,” says Lynne Davidson, fundraising coordinator, NSD. “She attends weekly puppy classes and… Read more »

WOOLCOTT -Mortgage Lender or Broker

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There’s no doubt that purchasing a home can be complicated. And for many buyers, applying for a mortgage is one of the most confusing steps. It’s not just the logistics of getting a loan that can be tricky—it’s also figuring out where to go when you need one. While banks are often considered the obvious… Read more »

WOOLCOTT -What Is a Bully Offer

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If you’ve just started your home search, there’s a good chance you’ve been hearing some unfamiliar real estate terminology. One of the terms that sometimes causes confusion for buyers is “bully offer.” While it may not sound very nice, making this type of bid could help you get the home of your dreams in a… Read more »

house in woman hands - real estate concept

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When you’re a homeowner and thinking about moving, whether it be imminent or a couple of years down the line, one of the top things that come to mind is what your property is worth. Many people opt to get a home evaluation just before they sell to get an idea of what they’d be… Read more »


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Buying your first home can be daunting. First-time buyers are immersed in a world filled with a whole new language and it can be difficult to determine where to begin. Peter Woolcott, a buyer agent with Re/Max Escarpment Woolcott Realty Inc., has worked with a number of first time of buyers and has an extensive… Read more »

WOOLCOTT - Real Estate Agent Fees

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Over the years, our team has fielded a lot of questions about real estate commissions. As agents, how big is our cut? What services do our fees pay for? And what’s to stop our clients from getting rid of the middleman and going it alone? The truth is, some people decide to navigate real estate… Read more »